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Global HCI Our Achievements in 2020

written by : Rania B. Kudsi CEO – Global HCI At this last day of the year 2020 , We can’t be but thankful. This year was the year of success and achievements to us . In addition to being so happy with my kids around, family bonding and living a simple life. This Year […]

Performance Management – Nancy Shabsough

A Really intense, wonderful and extraordinary training, I learned a lot through the course which allowed me to cover an excellent part of gaps that need to be covered. and the course was presented in an enthusiastic way. Thank you Rania Kudsi

Performance Management Workshop Testimonials

Roba Zayed

Women Leadership and Career Planning

Unpack your potential and gain a competitive edge in your company. Transform your knowledge to impact inspire and empower, Leadership is your tool to Lead the change. Some of the workshops we covered online in different countries, including UAE, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq Testimonials



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