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Donate – Empower Women and Mothers To Lead Program


Empower Women & Mothers To Lead Program

We are starting this Fundraising to Support Empower Women and Mothers to Lead Program – https://hci-career.com/women-empowerment/

We started the program early this year 2018 , and out of being a woman and a mother of 3 I fully understand the obstacles that we face in our society, from education, to money resources , to leadership, finding ourselves in careers and starting our own business. Out of having more than 15 years of Human Resources, Recruitment and career counseling experience I fully understand that building capacities is the only way to empower women  to lead. Without education and learning in addition to strengthening their self confidence, no resources can make them strong or improve their leadership skills whether it was at home or at work.

The objectives of the program

– Create a Market in which women can market their services and brand themselves within the group.

– Build capacities by giving sessions in different fields and different sectors.

– Train the members to share and transfer their knowledge and their expertise with the other members, to build and strengthen their self confidence in addition to facing their fear and gain the public speaking skills and experience, because I believe in learning by doing.

– Market the members to find jobs or to find clients.

– Networking.

– Education and Learning, through free sessions, scholarships and discounts on services and courses.

A Summary of our activities

– Sessions (technical and interpersonal)

– Book Club

– English Club

– Community Service

We are women from different age group, different education levels and different backgrounds and sectors , our work is based on delegation in which all members have to work to unpack their potential, I do the training sessions in HR, career counseling, personal branding in addition to TOT to help them lead the way.

I Believe God has given each of us a Talent but we need help to unpack this Talent and a supporting hand to help us grow.

How can you help ?

You can donate any amount of money to this program to help us continue, grow and change the lives of women in the Middle East .


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