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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Empower Women to Lead is a nonprofit program in which we build women’s capacities  through new learning techniques and following the 70:20:10 model for learning and development. We believe that most of the learning comes from on the job training this is why we created internship and training opportunities. The main purpose of the program is preparing and building careers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the market as well as at home.

At our program we have also created a market from within, where members market their own services with a special discounts  to the members.

We have many Clubs created and managed by our own members to focus on different segmentation and different needs:

  • Moms Club
  • English Clubs
  • Book Club
  • Youth Club
  • Events Club


Empowering Women and mothers to lead the main goal is to build the capacities of women and mothers within different aspects in life and strengthen their self-confidence and abilities to play a vital leadership role within the society and their day to day lives. I’m targeting both women and mothers, whether working or stay at home.


We envision a future where women are empowered and leading in the Middle East, where women are self-confident and living in a safe environment, practicing their rights as Human Beings, where women are treated equally as men in all aspects in life.

We strive for a better future for women by providing development, career growth, fostering valuable connections and creating successful women entrepreneurs.


We believe in others, we believe that each one of us has a potential and we should support them in shining.
Integrity: We are honest, fair and our clients trust our words.
Leadership: We lead by example.
Passion: passion is what drives us in our organization, to motivate and inspire others.
Empathy: We understand and feel others and we put ourselves in their positions.


It is a bit difficult nowadays to find people that share the same mentality, goals, and perspectives.. but our group gathered women, that shared a new mind set, vowed to each and everyone that will always have each other’s back from day one.                             

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From the moment I joined Empowering Women & Mothers to lead group with Rania Kudsi, I realized that at last I found my way to success and change my life.

This initiation was a big turn in my life to fill my passion and meet ambitious women 

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Become a member and join our women empowerment program 

Is your work stopping you from growing? Are you living in a challenging environment where it’s really hard to develop yourself, Are you facing obstacles and no one is giving you the space to grow, here at Empower Women and Mothers to lead we give you all the space, learning environment and unpack your potential, our success is from working together and supporting each other to grow

Become a member and join our Empower Women To Lead Program, to build your Capacity to unleash your Potential and play the leadership role. 

Why Should I Subscribe?

We have built a Pool of Professionals for you, as we believe in networking and personal branding to market your services and find the dream job you are looking for. We prepare you to face your fear through public speaking, engaging in the English and Book Club designed by our own members and get your ideas out of the box. We Train you through learning by doing and build your capacity to be a better communicator and brand yourself in a professional way. 

At Empower Women to Lead, you can Market your services and Products, Brand yourself in a professional way, and build your capacity. 

What do I get?

  • Networking (Marketing yourself, your services and your business)
  • Mentorship Program 
  • English Club
  • Book Club
  • Joining Empower Women to Lead Social Media Groups
  • Internship opportunities with the Program 
  • Discounts and Scholarships from the  Modern Language Center.
  • Discounts from Lavendar Spa and Vault Gym at Ayass Hotel
  • 4 – 6 Free Sessions
  • Conduct Training through guidance and Personal Branding 
  • Discount on Courses and services
  • Newsletters

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