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Visualizing Your Thoughts : Evaluating and Setting Your Goals

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Visualizing Your Thoughts : Evaluating and Setting Your Goals

Only 5 days are keeping us from venturing into another year. A whole year passed teaching us a lot of lessons, we faced major challenges, we experienced many ups and downs and now we are facing a New Year. But the important question to be asked: Do we know what were exactly the challenges we faced, do we really know what are the lessons we learned? or what are our goals and plans for the coming year? It might be all stored at the back of our minds but this is not enough. However, if you know how to use the art – if I may call it – or the technique of visualizing your thoughts you will be able to see your ideas and goals and act upon.

According to research, when you picture your thoughts and ideas it actually stimulates the brain to perform and act. For example when you visualize that you are walking it stimulates the same part of the brain that is activated when you actually walk.

One of the easiest ways to visualize your thoughts and ideas is by writing or drawing, as we say “Seeing is Believing“, therefore picturing your thoughts and putting them on paper will lead you to start acting and performing. However it is not the only solution to bring your ideas into life, but it’s also essential to start tracking your performance.

Schedule a meeting with yourself, meet with your feelings and thoughts, choose a very calm place where you can clearly think. Hold a paper and a pen and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What were my goals for 2017 ?
  • What were the challenges that I faced and overcame ?
  • What were the challenges I was not able to overcome? and why ?
  • What are the lessons learnt?
  • What are the things I can’t change and I need to accept so as not to waste time and effort?

Another effective way to help you evaluate your life is by using the wheel of life method, The wheel of life is a great method to put your life priorities into sections and measure how well you are performing in each area. As per the below illustration.



After you evaluate the past year you need to start planning for the coming year, I have customized a simple worksheet for you to record your goals and track your performance. you can download it   and start planning. Moreover, you can use the mind mapping method to help you visualizing your ideas and goals. it’s a great tool to brainstorm, and it is a diagram to help you see your ideas and thoughts in a structured way to recall and act upon, as shown below.


Visualizing your ideas is one of the effective brain techniques to lead your life to a better future or to the future you design for yourself. Remember “You are the CEO of your life no one can write or change it without your permission use the right tools to create it and customize it. After all it’s within your hands to win or lose another year in your life.


Rania Kudsi is the founder of Global HCI and a human resources professional. Global HCI is a free Career Advice platform in the Middle East established in 2010 covering business news, Employment trends, human resources, recruitment, social Hiring, personal branding, success stories, entrepreneurship, career advice, CV tips, job search techniques and many more. she writes also @ Family Flavours Magazine and Nakahat Ailiyeh magazine as a career advsior.



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