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Dina Hassouneh

It is a bit difficult nowadays to find people that share the same mentality, goals, and perspectives.. but our group gathered women, that shared a new mind set, vowed to each and everyone that will always have each other’s back from day one.

Gathering with these amazing ladies, listening to their stories and inspirations, and learn from them is absolutely priceless!

We are leaving our homes and beds in the early morning, to gather, to sharpen our skills, to enrich our present, and to plan for our future..

We are led by a great woman, who took her dreams to a whole new level, who is selfless, and is always thinking of other women! who is aiming and day dreaming to change this world and make women lead and run this world.

May this initiative get stronger and stronger, and may the bond never break.

Wissam Abu Ajweh

From the moment I joined Empowering Women & Mothers to lead group with Rania Kudsi, I realized that at last I found my way to success and change my life.

This initiation was a big turn in my life to fill my passion and meet ambitious women who do really want to change their lives but needed a little push and motivation which were provided by Rania. Being an active member in the society,helping others,achieving goals by proper training and leading, empower women to take a role.

I highly recommend any woman who is lost in finding her goal,or any woman who loves to work even from home,to join our group,she will find all the support and encouragement she needs to build her future or find a stable career ,or even to widen her mind in the right way.

Rania is a great leader ,open minded and supportive person who never hesitates to help.Now her goal became our goal as members to achieve it as a group and team work.

Best of luck and progress.

 Karima Moqbel

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I am Karima Moqbel , 25 years old , having a bachelor’s degree in Finance from The University Of Jordan 2016 , I did an internship at Arab bank 2015 , also an internship at insurance company for a while , after that I joined my sister in running her own business which revolves around socializing skills exposure to different communities , events , social media interacting , product development and marketing strategy which gave me a huge perception in achieving my goals . I have been introduced to one of the most successful empowering women group founded and managed by Rania Kudsi which put me on the first step pursuing my goals by the huge exposure at other women experiences , positive energy , enthusiasm , power , worthy valuable sessions ,headline with strategic goals continues support and passion ,after valuable career planning lectures that enrolled me with one of well known diploma schools in fashion designing, a step to start achieving my long term goals of being a fashion designer .

Rasha Kurdi

Being selected form the “Medical Field” to be involved in “Empower women & mothers to lead” ladies’ group 2018 was not ordinary. It was a great idea. From my feminist perspective, “empower” was
like a new word to me; not popular and the problem
was that very few of us have a clear conception on empowerment. After a while and becoming a committed member, I can specify now that the overall development of the society is the main advantage of this initiative.
Collaborating with these creative ladies helped me in identifying my own strengths and weaknesses and developing useful interpersonal skills; speaking and listening.
Rania Kudsi, “the beauty of empowering us is that your own power is not diminished in the process”. Actually, you have done a great job contributing your talents and skills to our team. So, thank you for encouraging, inspiring and motivating all the team members and may you get all your desires and success on every single step in the future. Just smile and you will reach the top.




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