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Global HCI Our Achievements in 2020

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Global HCI Our Achievements in 2020

written by : Rania B. Kudsi
CEO – Global HCI

At this last day of the year 2020 , We can’t be but thankful. This year was the year of success and achievements to us .

In addition to being so happy with my kids around, family bonding and living a simple life. This Year brought to us many opportunities and opened so many doors, it was tough as we had to accept, learn, grow and excel , we Have learned a lot , and accepted so many challenges. I would like to celebrate with you all our achievements during this year and thank everyone for their continuous support.



A review of the year 2020

  • Global HCI Signed a Partnership with CSR Al Ahli Group – UAE to empower women economically and build their capacities in Jordan in the presence of Princess Basma Bint Talal.
  • Partnered with many INGOs and NGOs to train, empower, mentor and rendered HR consultancy services to strengthen HR Leadership role.
  • Trained , mentored and coached hundreds of employees and individuals, seniors and juniors in the NGOs, INGOs, Private sectors and in Banks covering so many topics and the most important Leadership, in Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Italy, UAE, Cyprus and Iraq.
  • Launched Women Leadership program in UAE and Palestine.
  • Partnered with NGO in Syria providing mentorship to qualified senior leaders to support local organizations, NGOs and Leaders in governance, building partnerships, networking, Resources allocation, Leadership during the time of Crisis.
  • Trained many amazing expert women in partnership with Radio Al-Balad 92.5 راديو البلد and to empower Women to Lead in Amman, Aqaba and Irbid.- Had the privilege to train many students in Jordan university and AMIDEAST/Jordan امديست الأردن
  • Had the honor to receive an appreciation from Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization مجموعة طلال أبوغزاله celebrating Jordanian Women Entrepreneurs
  • Global HCI training programs got accredited by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) http://hci-career.com/training-courses/
  • Launched Empower Women to Lead US Chapter with the amazing leader Alissar Kellow , which was attended by leaders and accomplished women from across 4 continents, 7 countries, and more than 14 nationalities who are committed to driving change
  • Hosted an online program interviewing amazing leaders supporting companies and individuals in COVID-19 , covering many topics in Human Resources, Business, startups, Resilience, mindsets coping mechanisms, Conflict Resolution , and many more.
  • Received many positive feedback that we are truly honored to have.
  • Met many people in different countries including Germany, France, US, Italy, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus and Iraq during my HR consultancy and Trainings. That I will always miss.
  • Launched our first podcast in partnership with WCL Podcast about leadership, careers and Human Resources. It was a year of growth, challenges, achievements and facing fears .

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you a year of success, health and achievements to come.



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