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The Art of being a Strong Woman

The Art of being a Strong Woman

September 24, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Chemisty - كيميستي
27 Djibouti Street - Um Uthaina Amman Jordan 11185
The Art of being a Strong Woman @ Chemisty - كيميستي

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Session Outline

  • Introduction about women
  • What is NLP
  • Choices a woman can make
  • The definition of a strong woman
  • How to be a strong woman

Lina’s Bio

Lina holds a bachelor degree in English language and a Montessori diploma in early education from London.  As a young mum with three kids, Lina was finding it hard to find herself she was juggling to balance all of her responsibilities (Work, three children, and obtaining her degree). Out of being a creative entrepreneur and an ambitious woman she took the opportunity to own and manage a nursery to help her unpack her potential and give her the power she craved for.

Supporting new mothers who worked to conquer life as working moms was one of her main goals; her priority was building a warm environment that lifted the mother’s spirit to focus more on their career.

As a passionate woman and a strong believer in woman’s right, she obtained a certification in neuro linguistic programming to become an NLP master practitioner for women empowerment and consultant, helping and supporting women to find their own path and reach their inner peace.

Lina is also a writer who tackle different aspects of life especially the obstacles that women face in the most creative and emotional way, giving suggestion on how to face life and be the master of your own destiny using the storytelling techniques.

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