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Career Planning Session

Career Planning Session

October 6, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Chemisty - كيميستي
Career Planning Session @ Chemisty - كيميستي

This session is a workshop to implement what we have learnt from the 1st session in Career Planning .

Each member will present her Career Plan and we will evaluate and discuss it as a group.

in the First session we covered

  • The definition of Career Planning
  • The Importance of Career Planning
  • The process of Career Planning (HOW?)

Rania Kudsi is a passionate HR and Recruitment professional, and a Certified Employer branding professional, with more than 15 years of experience in the human resources field in both Private and Humanitarian sector. Rania Kudsi holds a certificate in Training of Trainers in the Humanitarian Sector.

She is the founder of Global HCI www.hci-career.com, a Career Coaching and Employer branding platform which was established in
2010 covering business news, Employment trends, human resources, recruitment, social Hiring, personal branding, success stories, entrepreneurship, career advice, CV tips, job search techniques and many more. She started her career advisory profession out of her passion to help Job seekers find their dream Jobs and build their career path. Based on finding a huge Gap between employers and Job Seekers, and out of believing that she can unpack their potentials by building their capacities and preparing them to be considered as the Top Talents in the market.
She is a strong believer in Women’s rights and Mothers’rights in raising their kids and pursues their careers. She is leading an initiative to empower women and mothers to lead by building a win-win sessions in which women transfer their knowledge while branding their services. Her story as a career mom was published at family flavors magazine to help and support other moms. She wrote articles in Family Flavours magazine and Jordan Times, about mothers, job search techniques, personal branding, CV writing and so many more, her articles can be read at her website www.hci-career.com


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