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Empower Women To Lead – Member – Naziera Hannoush


Meet our Talented Member : Naziera Hannoush

Naziera has 12 years of extensive experience in Retail Banking as a Customer Service,Teller and Cash officer, she holds MBA Degree in finance and Banking. Naziera achieved a lot throughout her career life.
she got customer experience award, launched internet Banking at HSBC Bank and she was the best performer in any position she handled.
Naziera is known to be accurate and pay close attention to details. She discovered her passion in the field of Risk Management ,Feasibility studies, Business and  financial analysis, which truly reflects her personality.
She is so much interested in Drawing, Artistic things and travelling . She discovered her passion to draw at school which was reflected in her drawing skills. Sadly like all of us she neglected her hobby when she entered the university and started her employment, but the urge and hunger to draw and paint didn’t leave her, it was haunting her and was giving her the feelings of happiness, relief and freedom. So she started taking painting classes at the beginning of this year, and the first thing she started with was drawing the love of her life,  and the greatest man. She completed the portrait of her father Samaan Hanna Hannoush, and she dedicated it to his memory.
Never to forget  the encouragement and the professionalism of  Faten Al hariri Art studio.


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