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CV Writing, Template and Tips

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CV Writing, Template and Tips

Use the below-attached CV template and a complete guide how to write a professional CV.

More Key Points about how to write a professional resume:

  • Applicant tracking systems scan resumes before forwarding them on to hiring managers, it’s important to make sure that the ATS will approve your resume. This is a step to save hiring managers time and avoid looking at irrelevant resumes, but can accidentally weed yours out as well if you don’t meet the standards set by the ATS. Your best luck to make it through is to include keywords from the job description in your resume, and sprinkle them throughout to ensure a natural, relevant resume that reads well and aligns you with the company’s goals and needs.
  • Your Resume has to answer these questions:
    • Who are you?
    • Where do you fit in my organization/company?
    • Why do I care (will you solve my problems or meet my needs)?

For more instructions download the guidelines below.

Download CV template

Download CV writing guidelines 


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