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Chemisty – Sponsors Business Lounge

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Chemisty – Sponsors Business Lounge

Chemisty Training and Consultancy

Chemisty Training and Consultancy offers a clear vision and prime environment to cultivate creativity, develop experience, shape and enhance charisma, inspire a futuristic vision, and most importantly establish identity.

We firmly believe in your undiscovered talents hidden in the depth of your soul. At Chemisty we put together a formula, artfully crafted over years of research and multitude of experiences and capabilities dedicated to identifying your real purpose of existence in human form.

This is done by establishing creative thought processes, stimulating your inner capabilities and skills to adapt to life’s ever changing challenges and demands, this is done by utilizing a practical methodology of training and personal/organizational development.

Join us in the joyful journey with the ultimate goal of helping you to reach your inherent, yet untapped potential.

This is achieved by allowing your lovely inner self to shine through establishing a clear vision of your destination, at Chemisty we assist you in learning revolutionary skills that would allow you to carefully outline your master plan, find inner power to exert precision, self-control, and flexibility.

Become a member of our family to enable you to find perseverance, determination, and excellent performance.


  • Business Engineering & Process Improvement.
  • Training Programs & Consultancy.
  • Productivity & Development.
  • Charisma styling & Designing.
  • Events & Workshops.
  • Business Premises Rentals.
  • Business Lounge for Executives and professionals; The Place, the story unfolds: Elegance, Quality, Taste.

Company Divisions

Chemisty Training and Consultancy consists of four main division: Alchemy Training Academy, Farasetna Development Company, Acme Studio, and Chemisty Business Lounge.



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