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Manar Al-Dina – Founder & Coach

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Manar Al-Dina – Founder & Coach

4 Most Important Things To Know About Your Founder & Coach: Manar Al-Dina

A Coach Who Gets Results…

A Jordanian-Canadian Certified  Business Coach, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Certified International Professional Trainer, Certified International Professional Training Manager, NLP Life Coach, Public Speaker, Writer and Mentor, who to date has coached 3 ,175 individuals, helping them realize their goals, and take their lives to the next level. She also helps business owners grow from an “owner wears all hats” approach to development of a results-driven and profitable team, allowing the business owner to focus on the areas that he or she enjoys. Manar is so confident in her ability to help eager business owners, that she will only offer to coach a business if she can guarantee results.

A Passionate Business Professional with Unstoppable drive

Manar’s purpose is to make a difference in the lives of everyone she comes across. To empower, enlighten and elevate their standards to upgrade our communities. She works smart rather than just hard and when she is putting together a workshop, training, coaching session or conference, she makes sure to send you home with a mind-blowing experience. She started off he r career at the age of 17 working a part-time job, while still an under-grad student and upon graduation joined the American Embassy in Amman whom s he worked for, for 10 years, after which she decided to sta rt her own business, et Voila! If your Dreams Don’t Scare You, then they aren’t BIG Enough!

Pretty Darn Smart…

But doesn’t pretend to know it all. As an ActionCOACH, Manar belongs to a network of over 1 ,100 business coaches in 73 countries, as part of the World’s #1 Business Coaching Firm. With this network of brain power, along with her Master’s Degree, her continuous education programs by the World’s Top Coaches, and over 5,500 hours of training as a Certified Coach, Manar is skilled at breaking down complex issues into simple steps, and has the tools to help her clients succeed. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

A Balanced, Committed with a CANI Attitude kind of Mom

Manar shows her clients the importance of a we ll-balance d life. Work hard, play hard. There’s a time

to be serious and put your head down but you also have to balance it with a lot of fun and enjoyment, especially when celebrating successes. Manar is 100% committed, both to he r passionate career and 100% supportive to keeping her clients focused on the goals they set, even through the tough times when clients doubt themselves. As a mother, parenting and he r relationship with her kids is focused around a CANI-Constant and Never-Ending Improvement attitude, we live, we learn. She is a catalyst for change in what she does in her career, and does the same at home with he r beloved family. A Cancerian at heart, a bookworm, great cook, enjoys sports and is building a better Jordan, one  client at a time!





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