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Rawan Mohammad

Career Counseling 

I would like to express  my gratefulness and appreciation for dedicating the time for my career counseling. It was not an easy step for me to cross and jump over the barrier and the mindset of not finding the right job in Jordan.

Through my career-counseling journey, You “Rania”  have influenced me to go deep into myself to find my values. You reminded me of what is my passion (big dream); through this trip you made me discover a lot of things about myself that I didn’t realize before or even notice that the eagerness of self development and knowledge sharing with others, the professionalism, recognition , flexibility , creativity and innovation  are my values and I shouldn’t surrender.

What I did know for sure now that you are a mentor for me more than a counselor and a visionary leader that lead me to the right path. You make me believe of my potentials and in myself again in a time when I started to lose my self-confidence and to believe that I am failure.

At the end Rania, no words would express how much I do respect you and love you not only what you did; or still doing for me but for all your surroundings. I can only say for everyone  that am proud to meet and to work with you and being a friend of the visionary Rania Al Kudsi Global HCI –career& Empower women to lead   founder. You changed me positively a lot.


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