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Rula Z. Keilani – Regional Emotional Intelligence & Communication Expert

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Rula Z. Keilani – Regional Emotional Intelligence & Communication Expert


Rula is a professional Communication Specialist  and  Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Awareness Enthusiast.

Her  Civil  Engineering  background  taught  her  how to critically evaluate things and design dimensions differently,  and  her work  as  an  environmentalist allowed her  to  seek the human  developmental  needs before thinking about the built Environment.

This   lead   her   to   find  passion   in   training   and inspiring  people.  Being  the  book  worm  she is, books introduced her to the enticing literature on emotional  Intelligence,  which  she  perceives  as  the missing  puzzle-piece  in  our  efforts  here  in  the region  for  raising   public   awareness,  rebuilding culture     and     of     course     sustainable self & cultural development.

Becoming  a  mom  was  another  addition  to  her career, or at least this is how she sees it, it taught her the  meaning  of  emotions  on  a  micro-level,  and filled her with interest to learn more about Neuro- science and intelligence.

Her research  guided  her  to  travel  to  America in 2005 , to meet  a  number  of  International  EQ  –   Gurus   and practitioners,  and  get  inspired  by  their  wisdom and learn from them  how to value  the  power of emotions,  to  understand  truly   the  intelligence behind  this  power,  and  use  it  to  make  our  lives worthwhile, and positively    influence people around us.

She was very lucky to personally meet  with and learn from Professor  Annabel L. Jensen, the founding President of 6Seconds  International, the first certification body for Emotional Intelligence at the time. she became the first EQ-certified professional in the Arab region in 2005,   and  since  then,  she has been  promoting what she is experiencing in her learning path.

She was very lucky to personally meet Stephen-Covey, the   best   selling-author   of   The    7   Habits   of   highly effective  People, she got an  inclusive interview from Covey in 2006 and trained with him on the 8th habit, learning from his knowledge firsthand.   

She initiated  networking  with  Ayman  Sawwaf, a pioneer in  Emotional Intelligence (EI), co-author  of  best  selling  books Executive EQ, and Sacred Commerce.

In 2005 she founded Beity Magazine, the 1st Emotional Intelligence  self-help tool in Arabic. she was the Editor-in- Chief  till  2011 managing emotional literacy guidelines and quality content  designed to make a difference. In 2 years, Beity became the No. 1 Family publication in Jordan, with more than 3 million copies distributed in Jordan.

Providing Content as a writer and a speaker in several Media vehicles in  Jordan & the region, she takes  quite  interest  in  the  development  of easy to digest communication messages both in Arabic and English, so that her product meets the highest possible standards in respect to mind and heart. The Training Activities she designs aim at delivering experiential learning chances, and  inspire  AHA-moments  to  enhance  motivation  and develop  the  self with practices  backed by scientific evidence,   thus   ensure   that   her   audience   acquire emotionally-intelligent   attitudes   for   life. 

In 2017, She co-founded SELF – (Social Emotional Literacy Fundamentals), a social initiative created by a group of highly motivated Jordanian Ladies dedicated to raise awareness towards a happier more emotionally – intelligent community.

Rula believes emotional intelligence creates a healthier environment to work, learn and share experiences, encourages  skills  development and overcomes people-related work and social  problems.  A  new  perspective,  that  yet needs to be publicized.

You can follow her work @ https://www.facebook.com/SELF.amman/.


e-mail: rula_keilani@yahoo.com

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