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Rania B. Kudsi – Career Advisor


Rania B. Kudsi – Career Advisor


Rania Kudsi is a Career Counselor and a passionate HR, Recruitment professional and a certified trainer, she is also a Certified Employer branding professional, with more than 15 years of experience in the human resources field in both Private and Humanitarian sector. Rania Kudsi also holds a certificate in Training of Trainers in the Humanitarian Sector.

More about Rania

She is the founder of Global HCI www.hci-career.com, a Career Counselor Employer branding, HR consultancy and training platform which was established in 2010 covering business news, Employment trends, human resources, recruitment, social Hiring, personal branding, success stories, entrepreneurship, career advice, CV tips, job search techniques and many more. She started her career advisory profession out of her passion to help candidates find their dream Jobs and build their career path. Based on finding a huge Gap between employers and Job Seekers, and out of believing that she can unpack their potentials by building their capacities and preparing them to be considered as the Top Talents in the
She is a strong believer in Women’s rights and Mothers’ rights in raising their kids and pursues their careers. She is leading an initiative to empower women to lead by building a win-win sessions in which women transfer their knowledge while branding their services. Her story as a career mom was published at family flavors magazine to help and support other moms. She wrote articles in Family Flavours magazine and Jordan Times, about mothers, job search techniques, personal branding, CV writing and so many more, her articles can be read at her website www.hci-career.com

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Esther Paul Mshelbwala,


Esther Paul Mshelbwala, 28 years old and a Nigerian.  Holds a degree in Library science. Currently working with Norwegian refugee council in Nigeria.

I started a coaching session with Rania, I had serious challenges, knowing myself, my capabilities and setting realistic goals. Specifically, I had low self-confidence which had a negative effect on my job.

I worked with her as  career advisor and together we worked step by step. She was very patient with me all the way and gave me her time, at every beep of messaging.

I learnt that it is okay to fail and make mistakes. We worked on my plans and she made sure I understood everything. She brought out the person in me and made me see the beauty I hid for long.

I worked so hard each day with hope and excitement. I became comfortable with myself and my own company and most of all enjoyed my work and relationship with everyone. Even my outlook changed.

When we started she told me “ we can work together until you achieve your goal,, and of course, she was with me all through .

Some of the great lessons I have learnt from her

  1. ”falling down is an essential part of the road

but if you take falling down as a stepping stone and learning

then you are going in the right direction”

The wheel of life,, a powerful tool for self-assessment and goal setting. That tool brought out the fear in me. at first I was scared of myself when I began to see great ideas I have hidden. I saw self-development as a part of me, I felt comfortable with learning and I was thriving more and more for improvement. In her advice she would say, follow your passion not money.

Visualization is the key, when you write down your plans, your mind tends to go that direction. I had problems with being assertive and facing fear, but I overcame with her coaching. Though she was far from me, I have never met her but to me It’s worth it. My life as changed tremendously within the few months I met her.

I wish I knew her personally, to give her a big hug, a big thank you in my local dialect. Rania has an angelic heart.

She tells me, “I’m happy to be with you step by step whenever you want , and yes she has been.

Whenever I feel discouraged, I tell myself I am the CEO of my life,

Summarily, I have learned so much from her. I am happy meeting her. Prior to her coaching, I had a very low self-esteem and poor relationship with myself and others and had no vision for my career. Sadly, I was more of a stranger to myself, Rania changed my story through the sessions we had with her.

I am often called upon to handle difficult tasks, my confidence level has heightened and I work effectively with people. I learnt how to set goals, work on them and achieve them.

Her sessions and resources were worth the time. I have been equipped with self confidence skills, setting goals, understanding and knowing who I am as well as being assertive at all times.

I got the secret of being the best in life and career. She is indeed a career and life coach and I love every minute spent with her. Although I have not seen her as a person, but I tell you the experience, feeling and change is as if she speaks with me every day.

In order for me to succeed and achieve what I want I have to be deliberate about it and give it my time. Each time I read her post, it made me see things differently and the feeling to push for more.


She is an  incredible career advisor with a very high spirit of follow up and motivation ,she lifts me up every time I face obstacles ….she ensures that I remain consistent until i achieve my goals…She is also professional in writing the CV.

Rania develops the skills you need to grab the recruiter’s attention …..She is with you in your long journey .. she is highly recommended to be your career coach and advsior or for any support you need in your career path.

Linda Al-Saqqa

Linda Al-Saqqa

Training & Development Specialist – KADDB

Rania was my direct manager and during that time I can describe her as a supportive, dedicated and ambitious leader who was always making sure that we as subordinates were motivated and learning as HR professionals. She has tremendous knowledge in all areas of HR and she is a real role model and any team would be lucky to have her as a manager.

Diala Gammoh

Diala Gammoh

Assistant General Manager / Logistics Coordinator at Dots Pro (Industrial Advertising Solutions)

Thanks a lot Rania for yesterday’s workshop “How to write a professional CV”. I found it very beneficial & informative. I really recommend this coarse for everyone as it will open ur eyes to mistakes in ur CV that no one told u about & that might be the reason u cannot find the job u r looking for….. And Rania, u r passionate about what u do & that’s what makes the difference! It was a pleasure to meet u & I really wish u all the best….

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