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Mentorship Program


Mentorship Program


What is Mentorship ?

Mentorship is the process in which a person  shares their knowledge, experience and skills in a structured way to assist the progress and the development of another person professionally and personally.

Mentoring is empowering and motivating the Mentee to analyze and resolve their issues and not giving them the solution, it’s more than giving an advice. Mentorship can be a long term relationship or a short term until the goals are met and achieved.

Why Mentorship is important ?

Mentorship is important to both Mentee and Mentor.

Mentor: is the person who will share their experience, and it plays a vital part in forming their leadership style and developing their communication and listening skills. It’s a very rewarding for career progression.

Mentee: is the person who is receiving the mentoring. Mentee will receive the guidance and advice from a skilled knowledgeable person, they will get motivated to get out of their comfort zone and their path will be enlightened to clear their vision and know the right direction that they will choose.

Mentoring process

Enroll in the Program and become a part of the process

Please apply to to become an mentor and a mentee (Mentees have to be members in Empower women to Lead Program)

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