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Conversation Exchange: Do you want to learn another Language?

Do you want to learn another Language? Conversation Exchange is an amazing website to learn and practice any language you would like to learn. Listen and Speak to native speakers through conversation exchange. There is no cost or homework involved and you learn the language in a social environment. Furthermore, you are more likely to learn slang and other things about a culture that you do not usually learn in a formal language class.


How to have a Conversation Exchange?

In order to have a conversation exchange, you need to do the following:

  1. Exchange messages through the website with members who live in your town
  2. When you feel comfortable to do so, arrange to meet with one of them in a public place

This is of course possible if there are members in your area who are learning your native language and who speak the language you're learning. If there are no matches in your area you can search for a chat partner


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