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Jeff Bezos shares his management style and philosophy


Published on Oct 28, 2016

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shares tips about his management style and philosophy with a crowd at the 2016 Pathfinder Awards at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Bezos is interviewed by Steve Taylor, chief pilot for Boeing Flight Services.


Value of Daycare at the Workplace; Case Study on the Telecommunications Sector


تتشرف مؤسسة صداقة - نحو بيئة عمل صديقة للمرأة بالتعاون مع منظمه العمل الدولية بدعوتكم لحضور اطلاق دراسة "أثر الحضانات على مكان العمل: قطاع الاتصالات أنموذجا"، وذلك يوم الأحد الموافق ٤/٩/٢٠١٦ الساعة ٩:٣٠ صباحا في المسرح الداخلي لمركز هيا الثقافي في الشميساني.
حضوركم يشرفنا و يثري النقاش.
للإستسفار أو للإعتذار: 0795528589
البريد الإلكتروني: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SADAQA- Towards a friendlier work environment for women, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO) cordially invite you to the launch of its research study Value of Daycare at the Workplace; Case Study on the Telecommunications Sector

On Sunday September 4, 2016
At 9:30am at Haya Cultural Center- Indoor Theater in Shmeisani

RSVP and further information
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

عقلية الملياردير || أقوى فيديو تحفيزي 2016 - The Best Motivational Video 2016



Dressing appropriately for work – how to navigate the unwritten rules

If 90% of communication is non-verbal, what you are wearing could be making a far bigger statement than what you are saying.


Have you ever stopped to consider how you dress at work? Have you thought about what it is saying about you and your personal brand? It may seem obvious to ensure that you have a clean, ironed shirt on but what about long earrings or a goatee?

Experts agree that what is acceptable in one industry may not be for another. For example, it is common to find those who work in performing arts to wear more jewellery than those who work in finance. But what about the office where smart casual is common place? Summer pumps may be acceptable, but not sandals. Three quarter length trousers are fine, but not shorts. Stud earrings are considered the norm, but not big hoops. Where do you draw the line?

The first point of call is your company handbook. Check to see if there is a uniform policy and follow it if one is in place. Secondly, take a look around the office and take your cues from those around you and in positions above you; it may be that an informal dress code is in place.

But it is not just what you wear, but also the way in which you wear it. If you are going for a job interview it is important to wear the right size clothes. Those that are too small or baggy can really act as a distraction and ultimately see you being remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Think too about your hair. If you always arrive to work with wet or un-brushed hair you may come across as disorganised. Hardly the impression associated with a team member on the ascent.


And it doesn’t stop there….

Take a look at the bag you are taking to work. Is it overloaded with papers and sweet wrappers? Does it still have a shine, or is it scuffed and ragged looking? You may not have considered this as part of your wardrobe, more of a functional accessory to hold your belongings. But no.

A rucksack creates the impression that you’ve just stepped out of school; a bag which has your belongings spilling out of it can again signal a lack of organisation; an old bag can suggest that you’re stuck in the past. It is far better to ensure that you have a clean, smart bag. One in which your belongings fit tidily and which is routinely re-organised.

In a world where communication is so important, perhaps it is time to consider not just what you say, but what your clothes and accessories are saying about you.


Employment Agencies in Jordan




AddressFaxArab Company for Competencies Employment



Amman-Jabal Amman-1st Circle

4612945 3

Tla\'a Al-Ali- the extension of Jubilee circle- Tatweer Al-Akarat Complex-3rdfloor

5537958 5527419The National Company



Tla\'a Al-Ali- Wasfi Attal Str.- Al-Aytam building- 3rd floor- opposite to Central Jabri

4644333 6

Shmeisani-Near Haya Cultural Center

5679376Ashahed Company



Sport City Circle- Besides Koka Group- City Center Building- 1stfloor

5652315Jordan & Jazeera Company for Employment



Tla\'a Al-Ali- Wasfi Attal Str.- Near the Housing Bank

0795228911 11

Tla\'a Al-Ali- Wasfi Attal Str.- Aboud Commercial Center

5530873Al-Wabel Company for Employing the Jordanian Competencies



Jabal Amman- Adel Al-Qasem Complex

5668726Atawasul Company



Wasfi Attal Str.- Abu Ershed Commercial Center- 1st floor

5536446Al-Khubara\'a Company for Vocational Employment



Sweifiyeh- Opposite to the Income Tax Building

5510353Philadelphia Company for Employing the Jordanian Competencies


Kudurat Company for employment



Al-Gardens- the Islamic Bank Complex- 2nd floor

5561067Al-Alam Company for Employment



Sport city circle- Opposite to Al-Arab     NewspaperِAl-Yawm

5166115Al- Istiklal Co.


Rawafed Company for Employment



Jabal Amman- 3rdCircle- Barakat Building

4628866 26

Wasfi Attal Str.- L\'ulu\'at Al-Mzra\'a Complex- 2ndfloor

5652820Masader Company



Shmeisani- Opposite to the Speciality Hospital- Arrashid Complex- 4thfloor

5626719Oscar International Company



3rd Circle-Hayat Amman Hotel- Khalil Al-Khuri Building

4626924Mecca Company for Employment



Behind Alrai Newspaper- Besides Abu Qura Mosque- Nuga Building-3rd floor

5627210Arrival Way Co.



1st Circle- Opposite to the Saudi Consulate

-Kawader Company for Employment



Opposite King Abdulah Gardens- Yousef Zeyada Complex- 4thfloor


Top 20 Companies To Work For In Jordan

Top 20 Companies To Work For In Jordan: The Results Are In


After identifying some of the Kingdom’s leading companies in a variety of sectors based on the below selection criteria.
• Staff Turnover
• Pay Scale
• Benefits: Health, Family, Time Off
• Office Environment (Work Atmosphere & Social)
• Opportunity For Growth
• Market Credibility/Reputation
• Communication With Departments
• Physical Workplace
• Employee Training & Skills Development
• Community Involvement

We asked our readers to vote through our website. With over 50,000 votes in total and over 45 companies vying to make the cut, the competition was fierce.
The results are in and the “Top 20 Companies to Work for in Jordan” (in alphabetical order) are:

September, 2015
  • Abu Khader Group 

Founded in 1932 and with subsidiary companies in Palestine, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates and Lebanon, The Abu Khader Group is one of the leading business groups achieving growth in several business sectors including automotive spare parts, lubricants, automotive dealerships, tires, battery manufacturing, leasing, car rental, public transport, real estate, technology and education.


Why work there:  An energetic and flexible environment where open lines of communication, a slew of benefits and ample opportunities for training are on offer for all employees, staffers at this group are very happy indeed.


Website: www.abu-khader.com


  • Arab Bank

Founded in 1930, Arab Bank is the largest global Arab banking network with over 600 branches spanning five continents. Arab Bank is also present in key financial markets and centers such as London, Dubai, Singapore, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney and Bahrain. 

Why work there: Personal growth and education, respect and diversity, flexibility and recognition for excellence are some of the main attributes. Training and financial benefits are also especially impressive at this organization

Website: www.arabbank.jo


  • Azadea Group

One of the region’s largest and most prominent fashion and lifestyle retail companies, the group currently manages over 50 brands. Since its inception, the company has made it their mission to keep their employees satisfied and currently boasts over 10,000 content staff members to prove it. 

Why work there: Clear career paths, opportunities for growth and travel and special employee rates on products and services are among the major advantages.

Website: www.azadea.com


  • Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad is one of the fast growing banks in Jordan; it has been growing at double or triple the market growth rate over the last three years. Total deposits today are in excess of JD 1.6 billion and market share is around 5.4%.

Why work there:  Employees list a thriving environment, professional career capacity building and generous incentive packages coupled with a strong corporate social responsibility agenda among the perks at this bank.

Website: www.bankaletihad.com


  • Eskadenia Software

A multifaceted company with a focus on telecom, insurance, enterprise, education, internet and healthcare IT products and solutions, Eskadenia’s main goal is to offer comprehensive software solutions to enable companies to thrive in today’s ever-changing markets. 

Why work there: One of the most attractive salaries in the I.T. industry in Jordan, in addition to Medical Insurance for all its employees as well as a clear career path, competence development, and training program on technical and management skills have been listed by employees. 

Website: www.eskadenia.com


  • Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC

Since it was founded in 1978, Hikma has grown into a leading specialty pharmaceutical group. Hikma focuses on a wide range of generic, branded generic and in licensed pharmaceutical products and was the first Jordanian company to join the FTSE 100.

Why work there: The list of advantages at Hikma is endless with highlights including an open door policy, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, result-oriented leadership, instilling a sense of belonging and continuous education and training on offer.

Website: www.hikma.com


  • Royal Jordanian Airlines

As the flag carrier airline of Jordan, the company is on a constant mission to provide innovative and high quality services to their customers in line with the latest developments and international standards. Royal Jordanian has obtained many accolades including being named one of the top 10 safest airlines in the world by AirlineRatings.com.

Why work there: Employees have listed high salaries, substantial bonuses and plenty of perks as the main reasons for their loving to work for this establishment. 

Website: www.rj.com


  • Jordan Insurance Company

An all-encompassing insurance company whose product list includes marine, medical, causality, engineering, life, motor and property insurance in addition to supplementary products, this market veteran boasts over 63 years of experience and counting. 

Why work there: Maintaining the vitality of the work climate where employees feel the importance of trust and teamwork is key. The company further appreciates the positive relationship between happy employees and the bottom line. 

Website: www.jicjo.com


  • Al Mahmoudia Holding

Offering high-quality products and services, Al Mahmoudia has established itself as a corporate force to be reckoned with. Known for their personable client servicing and attention to detail, the company has come a long way since its catering beginnings back in 1930, and today boasts a diverse portfolio including real estate, infrastructure building, hotels, aviation, telecom, soft drink bottling, automotive, luxury retails, banking, manufacturing and IT.

Why work there: The company fully supports free dialogue and innovation, benefits are family-friendly and the company’s reputation in the market is laudable. Employees describe the office as comfortable. 

Website: NA


  • Kawar Group

A leading group with investments in the fields of shipping and transport, travel and tourism, information and communication technology, trade and project development and healthcare, the company places strong emphasis on investing in a range of business ventures that support the economic development of the region. 

Why work there:  A friendly environment where dialogue and innovation are constantly encouraged, the company has low staff turnover and invests in employee training and skills development.

Website: www.kawar.com


  • Manaseer Group 

Boasting 16 companies, over 7,000 employees and a capital investment of $1.5 billion, it’s hard to believe that Manaseer Group started with a modest 15 employees back in 1999. The group’s strength lies in infrastructure and building materials, energy, business solutions, food and services and chemicals and agriculture. 

Why work there: The main goal is to keep employees happy through high job satisfaction, high job meaning and great salaries.

Website: www.manaseergroup.com


  • Naouri Group

This group of 20 companies operating in Jordan, Iraq, and the West Bank, with over 650 staff members specializes in shipping and logistics in addition to travel and tourism. The company, which was established in 1994 by its chairman Ibrahim Naouri, is the only company in Jordan to qualify for Jordan Customs Golden List program in the areas of customs clearance and freight forwarding.

Why work there: The company emphasizes an open two-way communication system with a focus on integrity and excellence. Simply put, their employees love coming to work every day. 

Website: www.naouri.com


  • Nuqul Group

Established in 1952, today Nuqul Group runs different investments and industries including Hygienic Holding Group (HHG) and Eagle Holding. Led by an empowered team spanning several continents, this multi-billion dollar, award-winning conglomerate is a true success story.  

Why work there: Visionaries in corporate governance and social responsibility, this group also prides itself on its open lines of communication and unbeatable opportunities for growth. The team’s energy level is practically palpable. 

Website: www.nuqulgroup.com


  • Orange

Orange Jordan is a leading provider of integrated communications services in the Kingdom, with a broad lineup of fixed, mobile and Internet services and an expanding customer base now exceeding 4 million. 

Why work there: With an impressive payscale, low staff turnover and lovely offices to boot, Orange staffers are living the dream.  

Website: www.orange.jo


  • Umniah

Umniah’s impressive ride to success is greatly due to the telecommunication company’s innovation. Now one of the main telecommunications operators in Jordan, Umniah has managed to earn the respect and loyalty of households across the Kingdom. 

Why work there: A winning market reputation and a huge focus on corporate social responsibility make Umniah the ideal place to work for those who value giving back. Plus, according to employees, it’s a fun brand to work with and, no matter the deadline, the environment is always positive.  

Website: www. umniah.com.jo


  • Pharmacy One

A true local success story, Pharmacy One now boasts 73 locations and counting. A combination of offering a unique list of products and services and stellar customer care, this business model is truly one to emulate. 

Why work there: The company attributes its success to the team and provides an unparalleled work environment, compensation and benefits for all.

Website: www2.pharmacy-1.com


  • Al Sayegh Group

Established in 1932 and with 18 factories worldwide, the group’s core business lies in the production, distribution and export of paint. This leading multinational conglomerate of companies is also invested in a wide range of products, services and supportive industries.

Why work there: Employees are constantly afforded training opportunities as the company believes that business is only as good as the people who work for it.

Website: www. sayeghgroup.com


  • Aramex

Established in 1982, this logistics and transportation solutions company has quickly evolved into a global brand. Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Established in 1982, Aramex became the first Arab-based international company to trade its shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1997.

Why work there: As part of an extensive and varied global network, the potential for career growth and development is a key advantage.

Website: www.aramex.com



  • Zain

This telecommunications powerhouse’s potential is limitless. Established in 1995, the company quickly went on to become a leader in the industry thanks to their long-term policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state-of- the-art services to customers. 

Why work there: Solid benefits and great packages, plus the company’s massive team that is always ready to take on the next challenge.  

Website: www.jo.zain.com



  • Zara Investment Holding Company

A group of independent investors, local banks, and investment companies partnered with the late Khalil Talhouni and Chairman of the Board Sabih Masri in 1994 with a common goal: to provide the country with a group of leading hotels and services to boost Jordan’s tourism sector.

Why work there: A family-oriented environment where innovation is key; employees have been loyal to the company from the get-go. 

Website: www.zaraholding.com


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