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In addition to our services Global HCI is the leading directory provider of training programs and training centers in the Middle East , our focus is to direct dedicated business, employees and individuals to the training professionals, centers and training programs to reach the needed information effectively.

Global HCI training directory makes the information busy professionals are looking for easy to find. Save yourself endless phone calls , endless search trying to located training centers , programs or training consultants. Global HCI gathers all the training information you need in a one-stop resource for finding what you need, presented clearly in a variety of formats.


Looking For Training


Are you looking to maximize the potential of your workforce , increase your employees job satisfaction, improve their productivity and decrease the employees turnover.

Are you looking to develop your skills and knowledge ... do you want to become the key asset within your company ,expand your horizons and increase your potential.

Browse our training directory , and look for the training courses and certificate programs that match your training needs by browsing all the training categories or by using advanced search.



Get Listed


Gain Traffic, get noticed , add your training company or get listed as an individual trainer , and showcase your services.


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