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Audit Senior Associate - Westerner/Arabic speaker - United Arab Emirates


Job details

Audit Senior Associate - Westerner/Arabic speaker
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Senior Associate/ Senior Team member
Full Time

Typical Experience/Qualifications: 
·     ACCA, CPA or ICAEW Qualified or equivalent 
·     Knowledge in accounting concepts and International Financial Reporting Standards. 
·     Computer Literacy 
Job Purpose: 
To action the Audit Plan and provide our clients with Knowledge and Business Solutions in their respective markets by decreasing risks and increasing revenue through KPMG audit methodologies. 
Key Responsibilities: 
·     Prepare Sentinel approvals and job code opening formalities; 
·     Manage Audit of the Banks from planning to completion stage. 
·     Complete fieldwork and allocate work as appropriate to audit assistants 
·     Coaching of audit assistants 
·     Preparation of financial statements of the Banks, transmittal letter and any other deliverables 
·     Keeping manager / Partner informed of progress/issues on a job throughout the audit process 
·     Complete Partner and manager reviews 
·     Completion documentation and follow up of outstanding information 
·     Prepare and analyze costs on the WIP for their audits 
·     Prepare fee note requisition on a timely basis and follow up collection of debtors 
·     Maintaining good relationship with the client’s financial management 
Person Specifications 
Applicants must be either a Westerner or Arabic speaker. 

Technical Training on Required Level 
·     IFRS 
·     E-Audit - KPMG Specific   
·     Risk Management 
·     Understanding of the IFRS/IAS technicalities regarding Loans and advances, investments, deposits etc. 
·     Understanding of the provisioning on Loans and advances– Collective and Individual 
·     Understanding of the Treasury activities of Bank. 
Enabling Skills Training Required 
·     New joiner induction 
·     Stress Management 
·     Managing Priorities 
·     Business Etiquette 
·     Business Writing 
·     Professional Meetings 
·     Managing My Performance 
·     Effective Communication 
Linguistic skills 
Good communication skills in English (reading, writing and speaking) 
Please keep in mind that duties and responsibilities associated with a particular role may change from time to time, and that individual situations and one´s specific role or job description may vary from the information contained in these job descriptions. 
·     Helps to drive forward change initiatives and projects 
·     Adapts to and embraces new technologies and systems 
·     Supports others during changing circumstances 
·     Proactively engages in cross-functional communication and sharing of information 
·     Builds a positive constructive relationship within the team 
·     Reacts constructively to others suggestions and requests 
·     Provides timely and constructive feedback to others 
·     Widens own experience and capability by pursuing self-development and learning opportunities 
·     Commits to achieving stretching goals 
·     Responds positively to request to review work 
·     Breaks down work into clearly identified and measurable tasks 
·     Able to deal with multiple demands efficiently 
·     Willingly shares knowledge and expertise 
·     Gathers the appropriate facts and evidence in order to make decisions effectively 
·     Considers information received with appropriate professional skepticism 

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