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Eman Hamzeh Al Smady: is an Architect who found her passion in life coaching

Professional Coach : Eman Hamzeh Al Smady 

Certified Mentor Coach

An Assistant Facilitator At Adler Faculty Of Life Coaching


Eman is an Architect who found her passion in life coaching

She is a passionate life coach. Who enjoys partnering with individuals and  groups to realize their power, enabling them to see their choices and trust themselves to maximize potentials so as to achieve self fulfillment and live upon their life purpose.

Eman is an Architectural Engineering graduate from University of Jordan. She is the co-founder and co-owner of SMDudin Architects & Engineers in Amman-Jordan. Besides her career in Architecture, Eman developed training programs for youth with the Business Development Centre – BDC; The program aimed to help the Jordanian youth to confidently embark on their professional careers. Eman worked closely with the youth on this development.

Eman lived in Canada for five years , where she found her life purpose as a humanity nurturer , in learning and studying life coaching, at Adler Faculty in Life Coaching , Toronto.

She became an Adler Trained Coach (ACT, ), and  a Certified Mentor Coach. She is also trained in the Living Systems Approach™ for Coaching Collaborative Work Groups and Teams.

Also was An Assistant Facilitator  for 2 Courses At Adler Faculty Of Life Coaching for 2 courses “Foundations Of Coaching” &“Coaching in the context of work”.

Eman earned her credentials as  (ACC) ,Associate Certified Coach, by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

She  volunteered  with ICTC , The Information and Communications Technology Council ,in Canada ,coaching internationally trained IT professionals   . 

She has volunteered with Future Possibilities for Kids as a Kid Coach, providing leadership coaching for children in under served communities in Toronto. 

Eman started to work with the Up With Women  Organization in Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap from homelessness to economic and social empowerment for smart , ambitious women to rebuild careers and build businesses.

She is the founder of emanate life coaching  http://www.emanatelifecoaching.com/   since 2015 .

Currently coaching clients  to maximize their personal and professional potentials  through one to one  sessions in Jordan  and on skype internationally  .

She also runs life coaching awareness workshops  and authentic leadership lectures  talks and presentations .

Eman Believes coaching is a creative, strength based, transformational process, where partnering with individuals and groups maximizes their personal and professional potentials in a non-judgemental supportive environment.

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