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Hikma’s Women Empowerment and Motivational Program

I would like to thank Hikma pharmaceuticals for their motivational, inspirational and supportive program and for giving me the honor to join this program. 

The post originally appeared on Hikma Pharmaceuticals 

On the 6th of April, and as part of Hikma’s Women Empowerment and Motivational Program, we have hosted a group of Women Entrepreneurs who are running small to medium sized enterprises in Jordan.

The meeting started with a brief introduction on Hikma presented by Ms. Majda Labadi, Vice President of Human Resources & MENA Operations, where she highlighted the success story of late Mr Samih Darwazah and his vision and entrepreneurship skills that led Hikma Pharmaceuticals from 1979 till date as a global company.

After the introduction, each woman talked about the challenges and obstacles she faced as a woman entrepreneur in running her business in Jordan. They highlighted some Human Resources related difficulties in recruitment and maintaining talents. They also talked about the absence of legislation and legal knowledge on certain business aspects, the lack of financial funding and support, as well as the lack of women support programs and networks in general.


Hikma offered to conduct monthly sessions and workshops to train the women entrepreneurs on the needed skills and knowledge they need to have to assist them in running their businesses successfully. Also, Hikma offered to build a database to be shared with these women to help them in networking and finding new customers and clients for their businesses.



Ms.Majda Labadi will continue to lead these sessions and will be supported by Ms. Sandra Shaqareq, Senior Manager/ Corporate Development who will be the manager and planner for these sessions.


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