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Ezzaddean Elsafi
Food Security Program Manager at Open Society Foundations , ARO
With great Pleasure , I am writing to give my professional testimonial about the Global HCI. 
I am Ezzaddean Elsafi , Food Security Analyst , I worked for several International Organizations in a diverse of operationally complex environments such as Darfur , Sudan. Global HCI has approached me via LinkedIn website and suggested a position of the Food Security Manager at Open Society Foundations Arab Regional Office base in Tunisia. I have been nominated as potential candidate for this job by which my profile has been carefully reviewed along with other nominees. shortly I have been engaged in several interviews and hereafter, I have been selected as the first candidate and offered the job. This Job is the first international opportunity i have ever work and thus, career-wise it has made a great transformation for me towards the global exposure . Through it's excellent , professional and patience way, I recognized that the Global HCI was behind this paradigm shift. I highly Recommend for Global HCI and it's amazing Founder Ms. Rania Kudsi for the next HR Consultancies and/or any related activities. 
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