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What’s your brand?…Lean in Circle January 2017 Gathering: Personal Branding



On January 17, 2017, Lean in without falling over circle gathered to discuss personal branding. Facilitated by a seasoned communication and media professional and old member of the circle, Eva Fernandes sparked an interesting conversation with her presentation about the topic.


What’s it all about? Don’t be intimidated by the concept of looking at yourself as a personal brand. It is merely a self-awareness exercise. It can be really fulfilling if you decide to go down this route. There are many avenues for support in this area and this short write up is one of them


Is it for me? Maybe. Not everyone is in a stage or moment in their life when they can best benefit from personal branding. Personal branding is purpose-driven which is why it is more effective for those who are at a crossroads, trying to make a change, want to scale their impact or influence.


Where do I even begin: Personal branding starts with self-awareness. What are your core values? What are your core beliefs? How have you changed over the years? What is your purpose in life? What do you believe in? If  you can answer these questions easily, then you’re ready to move on to the next step. If not, take some time out to investigate, reflect, explore and understand yourself better. I always tell people to never underestimate this stage – because it’s a tough philosophical and personal challenge. Nonetheless, you will eventually get to a moment of clarity of who you are and at this point you’re ready to engage in personal branding (the act of communicating and establishing the core values and aspirations of your brand)


Sentiment shift: Take a moment to visualise what success will look for your personal brand in one year, two years and five years. Who are your target audience? What’s the message you’re sending them? What has happened as a result of your personal brand? Now that you’ve got that vision in your mind’s eye, take a few moments to do an audit of where you are right now. What’s the current sentiment about YOU and what’s the sentiment shift you’re essentially aiming for? Making a list side by side will be a great way to visualise what success will mean to you. Now that you have this, we’re ready to talk actions.


How do I engage in personal branding: First step is the superficial stuff: look into your physical and digital profiles. Are you showing up in the real and virtual world the way you need to be? If not, get that haircut, photoshoot or LinkedIn profile refresh immediately.  Next step: are you associated with the right people, groups, or company? Here’s where networking comes in – get creative about the people, causes and ideas you need to surround yourself in. Thirdly: curation. What are you sharing online? What aren’t you sharing? Who are you endorsing by liking that picture etc? Understanding how your curation activities are affecting yourself is a big one. If you’ve done all of this now you’re ready for the fun stuff.


The fun stuff: Are you ready to actively and independently take personal branding into your own hands? Here’s where we decide how to communicate your core message. Are you going to write blogs, speak on panels, make Facebook videos or got onto Dubai Eye? Whatever you decide will the best way of communicating with your target audience will be the ideal way to take this forward. And remember, you don’t have to do this on your own. If you need help – invest the money and go for it. You could get a ghostwriter to write articles on your behalf, a photographer to do an official photoshoot, a web developer to manage your website.


How can I learn more: There are an infinite number of resources available on line. To get started try this out: PWC Personal Brand Workbook


Read origional article : http://sustainleadership.com

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