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Why Adler ?

Adler Faculty Of Professional Coaching



The ADLER coaching program takes an appreciative, strength-based approach to generating positive change. An ADLER coach sees an individual as creative resourceful and whole, supporting positive change in both individuals and organizations.  At ADLER we stress experiential, handson, applied learning. We believe you must use the skills to own them. From day one of the Foundations course, and throughout the certificate program, you will coach under the supervision of faculty, so that you will personify the coaching paradigm, and DO as well as KNOW coaching.  From the outset of the program, participants are expected to coach and be coached, bringing their own real life issues to the learning process. In addition to learning how to coach, participants engage in a parallel personal learning journey.  ADLER’s program consists of in class modules, where participants engage in hands on application of coaching, supported by teleclasses and online workshops. We feel that nothing can replace personal contact as an aid to learning and for the adult learner experiential, application of knowledge is critical.  



If you are, or hope to be a professional practitioner in mental health or human systems and services, Adler's mission is to support your success.

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