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The Way In: a new recruitment campaign from LinkedIn

The theme is all about passion - finding the job that feeds your passion, the job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled


You are probably familiar with the Confucius quote: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This would appear to be the inspiration behind LinkedIn’s latest campaign to highlight one of its service offerings: its Jobs function.

The theme is all about passion – passion for your job, finding the job that feeds your passion, finding the job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. It is a truism that having a fulfilling job is a big contributor to your personal happiness and professional development; for example, Francis at SoundCloud loves his job because he has been passionate about music since he was a small child. SoundCloud reached out to him – it is not explained how – and now he works in communications there, combining his passion with his day-to-day work.LinkedIn has launched a campaign in the UK called The Way In and purports to show you not only where your dream job might be but also how you can find a way into the company. It is already running across LinkedIn’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds in the UK and Germany and will continue throughout October.

The videos are a great showcase for the companies involved – ASOS, John Lewis, SoundCloud and Transport for London. They generate excitement around roles such as designers, pattern cutters, project managers, garment technologists and marketing. There are also what are called 360 videos, which claim to be a behind-the-scenes look inside a company; in fact, they are series of fish-eye shots inside the ASOS headquarters, for example, with voice-overs from a range of employees.

There are a few nuggets to be found, however. Kim, now a designer at ASOS, was found on LinkedIn by the ASOS HR manager. The piece of gold in the video is that Kim had been writing a blog that really resonated with Tara, who recruited her. A number of ASOS employeesemphasise the pursuit of things you are good at and that you like doing; in this way, your enthusiasm will shine through, your natural curiosity will be stimulated and you will find yourself asking questions that recruiters will find engaging.The ASOS video is interesting and the headquarters look like a nice space in which to work; however, the videos are not particularly helpful when it comes to showing how a job seeker might actually find their way into these companies – other than having a presence on LinkedIn, of course.

The Way In does not actually tell you how to find the way in; however, the strong message is to build your LinkedIn profile as recruiters will definitely be looking at it; to build and manage your online presence; and to go for jobs you think you will be good at, will enjoy, and are in a field in which you have a personal interest.

You can check out The Way In on Twitter (@LinkedInUK #TheWayIn) and the LinkedIn website (https://opportunity.linkedin.com/en-gb/the-way-in).


Source : http://recruitingtimes.org/


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