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70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing

Sometimes we all need an easy way (read a browser extension) to publish content to multiple social media accounts, find and contact influencers, check spelling, collaborate on projects, adapt links we publish on social media…

For a digital marketer, the list can be endless - the greatest benefit of using any Chrome app is accelerating these processes and saving time for the things that really matter.

To help you maximize your time, here's a list of some of the most advantageous Chrome browser extensions which my colleagues and I use on a daily basis. From social media and content marketing, to influencer and evangelism efforts, these recommendations should have you covered for whatever you need.

Extensions for Content Marketing Strategy

These extensions can help you develop your content marketing strategy, build your content plan, and turn content marketing into a powerful tool for driving high-quality traffic to your website and blog.

Evernote Web Clipper - With Evernote, you can save articles and parts of them to read later (or use as a reference) as well as make screenshots and edit them right away.

OneTab - When you’re going to write an article and you find yourself with too many tabs open, all you have to do is run the OneTab extension for Google Chrome. Active web pages will be closed, but their URLs will be automatically saved within a single tab.

Save to Pocket - The Pocket extension for Google Chrome enables you to save references, materials, and examples for your future articles/blog posts/infographics/etc. in a click. Tag the pieces you find (as an example, I tag it with a topic I’m going to write on) and easily sort them. 

tl;dr Link Preview - This extension is a curated directory of human-written summaries of Wikipedia Articles, Twitter profiles, and Youtube videos. Just hover over a link to see what you should expect when you click through.

tl;dr for Medium - Another “tl;dr” extension enables you to hover over any Medium post to view its top highlight - the line which others found most interesting. Use it to skip weak blog posts and concentrate on what really matters.

Panda - This extension allows you to track the latest news to ensure you're constantly informed. You can add your favorite sites and you can bookmark articles you want to check out later and build a full library of your favorite content.

Grammarly - This extension can be used on any content piece as a spell-checker. Whether you’re writing a blog post, adding content to your social media profiles or writing letters, the extension will automatically highlight your grammar mistakes, show edit options, describe word meanings and offer the alternatives to use instead.

Apps For Social Media Marketing Strategy

These apps enable you to better manage your social media and marketing activities within Chrome.

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

KUKU.io - A smart extension of KUKU.io, a social media management app that allows you to schedule content you find and instantly post to multiple social networks at once. You can also adapt your publication for each social media network you’re going to post to (for example, add hashtags to a Twitter post, create your own content for Facebook, etc.) and choose an image you want to use from suggested images.

Startafire - This extension allows you to add your badge to any link you share. When someone clicks a link shared by you, they'll see a small pop-up window that provides information about your website: it can be “Shared by” info, smart CTA or a list of your recent articles.  

Sniply - Just like Startafire, this extension enables you to embed your messages and calls to action on every page you share with your followers on social media. 

Buffer Hootlet - These are two of the leading social media management solutions on the market, and their extensions enable you to share and publish content you find to multiple social media networks at once.

Pablo - This extension enables you to grab images you find, format them for social media networks, add your text and make minor design edits, and publish them using Buffer.

DrumUp - This extension discovers relevant content from all around the web and provides it to you in a smart news feed. You can also share content to your social media networks via the app.

Followr - This extension enables you to find Twitter users by the topics they’re interested in and follow them. The extension also tracks the content you post to Twitter.

Twitter Follower - Unlike Followr, this extension is a pure automation. Find a profile which relates to your target audience is and launch the extension: it will start following everyone they follow. You can also use it to unfollow multiple accounts at once.

Facebook Invite All - An easy-as-heck extension to invite all you friends to a Facebook group, Page or an event in one click.

Web Scraping tools

These tools enable you to get data from websites in a few clicks. 

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

Kimono - Kimono is the powerful extension that enables you to turn any web page into a structured API and create applications out of the data. It can be also used by marketers as a smart web data extraction tool with the ability to export chosen information to CSV.

Scraper - A basic web scraping tool which enables users to extract and export needed information from a page to a CSV file. The extension works well with Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter and other platforms.

EmailHunter - One of the most popular extensions to find email addresses of your leads from either a Linkedin page or a company’s website. As a bonus, EmailHunter shows not only an email address but also a percentage of confidence in the sources available from the website. If you want to make sure the email address is valid, try to use it in tandem with Rapportive:

Rapportive - An easy as heck extension that validates emails you’re adding to the recipient line when writing a letter in Gmail and associates them with Linkedin and other social profiles. By checking and validating addresses in this tool, you can automatically reduce your e-mail bounce rate.

Web Scraper - If the information you neеd is scattered across different pages, you’ll most likely want to use Web Scraper instead of the other options. It takes some time to define the right path, create a sitemap and then browse and export information, but after that, you’ll be sure that you get the information you're after.

Apps For Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and by using Chrome extensions, you can not only improve your retention rates, but you can also drive more clients to your business.

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

Yesware - One of the most popular extensions for email marketing and sales. The free version enables you to see who's opened your emails and provides a history of all activities. The paid version features Mail Merge which can help create campaigns, add follow-up letters, test different templates and track your results.

Sidekick by Hubspot - Another powerful email tracking service that enables you to see who's opened and clicked on your emails, schedule emails for later and discover your history of activities. But the coolest feature of Sidekick is he option to get a full information about your recipients - from a person's title, company, social profiles to recent tweets - just by hovering over a person’s email address.

MailTrack - Yesware notifications are limited to 100 per month, but you can also use MailTrack for this. The extension gives you information on open rates. The disadvantage is that in the free version you need to delete the automatically attached line “Sent with MailTrack” each time you create a new letter. But still you can use it for free.

MailChimp Stats - If you use MailChimp as a mailing client, you don’t need to log in to the service each time you need to check recent stats. Install this extension to get all the information about your campaigns in one click.

Boomerang - A simple but powerful extension that enables you to schedule e-mails to be sent later and save the ones you want to read. It's exceptionally useful if you’re afraid you'll forget to reply or you need to send a message to a person in a different time zone.

Revue - If you’re curating weekly digests, you'll definitely love this tool. Evue enables you to grab content from social media and other resources and add it to your newsletter emails in a single click. The extension features formatting options, making it really easy to adapt the content you want to share.

Goodbits - This extension enables you and your team members to collect content you find and use it to build instant emails for your subscribers. Also, the extension features analytics that enable you to see the effectiveness of the content you send.

Gorgias - If you have a bunch of e-mails of the same type that you’re sending on a daily basis, you can reduce your workload by saving them as templates. Gorgias enables you to create personalized text templates which can be inserted quickly via keyboards shortcuts. As a bonus, you can share the templates you have with team members.

WiseStamp - This extension helps you create good-looking, personalized email signatures, with the ability to add photos, social media buttons and share live updates (for example, the latest blog post or tweet), etc. You can also create multiple signatures if you use multiple email addresses for different aims.

Just Not Sorry - When sending an important email, it's crucial to show yourself as a confident and persuasive person. However, common words like  “just”, “sorry” and “I think” can reduce your impact. This extension highlights “weak” words in your Gmail letters and allows you to edit them before sending.

Extensions For Social Media Analytics

These extensions enable you to see all your social media analytics, quickly and easily.

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

Page Analytics by Google - Once this extension is launched, a bar on the top of your website’s pages will appear highlighting data about how visitors interact with your website. It'll show what your visitors click and what they don’t, total and unique page views, bounce rate, time on a page, etc.

Social Analytics - This extension provides an overview of the popularity of any web page or post on social media, including likes / comments / shares, bookmarks, pins, clicks from social media, etc.

SessionCam - This app can record each customer journey made on your website, including performed activities, tracking conversions, creating heat maps and it provides the ability to replay new sessions. The extension of the service allows you to see recordings right in Google Analytics or SiteCatalyst.

Google Publisher Toolbar - This extension gives you one-click access to your AdSense or Ad Exchange performance, illustrates a leaderboard of top channels and URLs, allows you to easily sort and filter ads and discover ads details and manage them.

Bitly - This extension shortens your links in a click and gives you deep analytics of clicks after the link is shared.

DocSend - This extension enables you to generate and share a file link you want to send and get information about who saw the attached documents, how long each page has been viewed and control how and when it has been seen. Once the link is generated, you can track its recent statistics on your DocSend dashboard.

Catalytics - This extension replaces people on the GA homepage with cats. There’re 33 more extensions to explore, pick up and install, so you really need this one to relax.

Apps For SEO strategy

These apps can help you develop an SEO strategy for your website or easily get data you need for improving your SEO process.

Mozbar - One of the most popular marketing solutions, Mozbar enables you to view important page metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, Link Profile, Keyword Highlights within your Google search results. As a bonus, you can see deep analytics (page speed, alt text, headings, etc.) of any web page on the web.

PageSpeed Insights - This plug-in monitors your server’s response time and offers you smart suggestions on how issues can be fixed.

Follow - This extension provides a complete overview on any web page, including traffic estimates, search engine optimization and marketing, contextual advertising, mentions on social media and web, blog posts, etc.

SEO Quake - Features very similar functionality to Mozbar, though it does provide additional information on keyword density, links on the page, social shares and meta info.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer - With this tool, you can track backlink data about your site (or your competitor web pages) as well as see and take into account important metrics like citation flow, trust flow, external backlinks, anchor text, referring domains, etc.

User-Agent Switcher - This tool enables you to investigate your website usability on different devices by switching between them in a click.

Link Miner - This tool can find broken links on your page, explore referring domains, shares on social media networks and total links. Getting rid of broken links enables you to boost your page functionality, which can help boost site authority and increase referral traffic.

LinkClump - Another great tool to work with links and analyze them by keywords. Launch it and select the zone of the search results to bookmarks, or open several links at once and filter links by the keywords you’re interested in.

Extensions For SMO strategy

When developing your SMO strategy, you’ll most likely need some additional tools and extension apps that'll show you how you can do most of your social media optimization. Add these chrome browser plugins to your browser to keep you social media accounts efficient:

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

vidIQ Vision for YouTube - With the free version of this tool, you can analyze any video on YouTube and get information about its rank, social media shares/likes/comments, tags and keywords,description word and link counts, etc.

BuzzSumo - This extension enables you to check social shares for any page. BuzzSumo also makes it simple to track shares, backlinks, and top performing content.

Window Resizer - This app enables you to see how your content looks like on different devices.

BuiltWith - This extension shows information about widgets, analytics, frameworks, publishing, advertising, standards and other technologies that were used to build any web page.

Ritetag - Ritetag provides you with comprehensive statistics about hashtags before you use them.

Plugins for ASO

Chrome browser plugins for App Store Optimization (ASO) can help make your apps more searchable and eve improve your install rate.

App Store Analytics by SensorTower - This extension shows detailed app analytics, including information about category rankings, competitors, review summaries, and downloads. In addition, you can also track and optimize your keywords rankings.

Play Store Reviews - This tool that enables you to export your app’s reviews on Google Play into one JSON file. The extension gathers information about the number of stars, version of the application, comment’s author, date, time, title and text for any given review. 

Extensions For Social Influencer Marketing Strategy

These extensions can help you find influencers on social media, build media lists and track who's following you.

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

Klout - The Klout extension provides an influencer score based on popularity and various interactions on social media. One of the most advantageous ways to use it is to define influencers among your active followers and contact them.

Klear - Just like Klout, this extension adds badges to your Twitter feed showing additional information about your followers and people you follow that includes their rating, friendliness and responsiveness and key interests.

Impactana - This app launches a handy toolbar on the top of the page which highlights data about social media shares/likes/comments, calculates a page’s rating and shows the author if mentioned. What’s more, all you have to do is to click on the name of the author to get his contact details, profiles on social media and recent blog posts.

Ninja Outreach Lite - This tool helps you define influencers by analyzing their webpage statistics: from social media followers counts, page authority, backlinks and Alexa Rank, to monetization methods, key pages, demographics, bounce rate and much more.

BuzzStream Buzzmarker - The aim of this extension is to facilitate your PR and outreach. Even so, it can be used for both prospects and media lists building.

Conspire - This extension will show you the best paths to the people you want to connect (from prospects to influencers, web publishers, and bloggers) using your existing contact list on Gmail, LinkedIn, and AngelList.

Traackr - Through Tracckr, you can create lists of influencers and their qualifications based on various parameters: from a region to interests, a company, and a job title. 

Google Chrome Extensions for Evangelism marketing

With these chrome browser plugins, you can easily communicate with your audience, hold webinars, and online meetups and show your brand’s face.

One Click Google Hangout - The surest way to turn your users and clients into your friends is to listen to them and build a community around your product. With this extension you can hold video chats, invite members sharing a link or via email addresses to show new features, meet with your users, share knowledge or receive feedback - just in a click.

UberConference - Another great solution that enables you to hold online meetings and calls with your users, clients and prospects is the UberConference extension. Even though UberConference is a powerful service with a beautiful UX/UI by its own, the extension adds a bunch cool features to your experience: you can invite people directly by highlight and right clicking on an email or phone number on any website and schedule a call right away.

Collaboration Apps

Browser extensions for collaboration: from an intuitive Chrome new tab extension for file sharing to a multifunctional Chrome app that allows you to collaborate on projects.

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

TrackDuck - TracDuck’s extension for Google Chrome allows you to quickly collaborate on design with team and clients. Just snap screen area or a full page, add your comments and improvement ideas, mark a bug and share your thoughts with anyone.

Point - This extension facilitates a process of sharing links and information from pages. With it, you can share a page with a friend, highlight the best pieces, comment and get back to anyone’s thoughts, links and highlights you share.

Papier - Like a notebook for Google Chrome. Don’t expect anything extraordinary, the extension is dead-simple - it opens up an additional tab in your browser for your notes. It's perfect for counting characters, taking notes, brainstorming, etc.

Some other extensions you may also like

70 of the Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Marketing | Social Media Today

Visualping - This extension enables you to monitor any web page for changes. Once the area you’re tracking has been changed, you'll receive an instant email notification.

Form Filler - Genius extension for Google Chrome that fills all form inputs on any page with random data. The developers say that the service was created to help developers test their own forms quickly, but you also may find it advantageous if you need to sign up for services that don’t have email validation.  Also, you can predefine settings and fill out any form with your own data in a click.

Giphy for Chrome - With this extension you can search GIF images and add them to your posts on social media and emails by dragging and dropping or right clicking.

Noisli - This extension encourages you to improve your focus and boost your productivity when writing, reading, etc. with ambient noise. You can block out annoying noises and create the right environment for working or relaxing by yourself.

Extensity - So many extensions here. If you've found a lot of extensions you want to install, but you don’t want to overload your browser, easily gather all the extensions you have into Extensity and manage them there.

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