If you've got a logistical problem, big or small, from remembering to buy milk to managing a massive project, there's almost certainly an app out there to help you. But these days, thanks to a handful of creative companies, apps can go beyond nuts-and-bolts practicalities to assist with some of life's deeper problems.

From happiness coaching to instant concentration boosters, these apps promise to help you untangle thorny, psychological issues. As blog Quiet Revolution recently pointed out, that includes helping folks with one of the most common phobias, a fear of public speaking.

The useful post offers a rundown of all the apps out there that can help those with a terror of talking in front of a group. Here are just a few of the tech tools it highlights.

1. Confident Public Speaking

Available on both iOS and Android, this app offers a guided meditation to help you calm your anxiety before taking the stage.

2. Ummo

What if your problem is less pre-presentation butterflies and more of a tendency to stammer your way through speeches full of ummms and uhs? In that case, try Ummo, an app that records your speech and highlights problem filler words to help you eliminate them.

3. PrompsterPro

If your ultimate speaking terror is forgetting everything you meant to say in the glare of the lights, this app (available for both iOS and Android) or several others like it, might be the solution. As Quiet Revolution explains, these apps essentially turn your smartphone or tablet into "a swanky teleprompter."

4. SpeakerClock

Finally, Quiet Revolution surveys tools that can help you avoid being that guy or gal who is still talking despite the event organizer gesticulating madly from the side of the stage. SpeakerClock (iOS only), the post notes, offers helpfully huge fonts to help you keep track of time from a distance and without squinting.

The complete post offers more options, as well as some virtual reality-based apps for those looking for a really hi-tech way to tune their public speaking.