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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

January 23, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Asia/Amman Timezone
The Tank by Umniah / King Hussein Business Park
Presentation Skills @ The Tank by Umniah / King Hussein Business Park

Presentation Skills

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This mini training is dedicated to show the most important presentation skills which the presenter must have and pay attention to. The aim of this training is to provide the participants with the most important soft skills tools to manage and attract their audience.

The main four topics which will be handled are:

  1. Introduction in the presentation: How to understand your audience and break the ice.
  2. Different learning groups and how to approach them.
  3. Body language, gesture and posture.
  4. Ending the presentation: Feedback.

Elaine Salsa bio:

Elaine Salsa is a project coordinator in the NGO and business industry. She has many expertise in the business, HR and training fields. Training wise, she helped in delivering worldwide trainings in various topics and have worked with international institutions and trainers.

Elaine has strong international and intercultural communication skills, public speaking, business writing, leadership skills, presentation skills and many others.

As for her educational background, Elaine was granted a scholarship and has obtained her BA in Translation: Arabic, English and German in addition to her French certificate. In 2020, Elaine has become a Certified Expert in Microfinance.

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