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English Club

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English Club

Our English club is a Club where a group of people meet regularly within a systematic structure process to practice English, through speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Our objective is to develop and improve the English Language skills as a Global Language, which will help participants with the following:

  • Speak in English confidently
  • Find better opportunities in the market
  • Communicate in English
  • Learn and Practice English
  • Encourage Participates to discuss, debate and encourage critical thinking through using another language

Who should attend

  • Intermediate level participants who want to learn and practice the English language.
  • +18 years old participants

Our English Club creates a role for each and every participant to be an active member, our community consists of the following:

Executive Committee

  • Chairperson
  • Learning and Membership Facilitator

English Club Roles Elements

  • Moderator
  • Timer
  • VocabGrabber
  • Interesting Fact
  • Suggestion Box


  • Every meeting, there’s a conversation theme. The theme will be announced one week before the meeting, so the participants will have time to explore the internet and collect information about the theme.
  • Around 5 words regarding the theme of the day will be announced by the VocabGrabber before the meeting, so the members will have the chance to study them, and try to use them during the meeting.
  • We do believe in corrections, and the corrections will be done by the advanced speakers.
  • Any room for improvements could be suggested individually or in front of others by the advanced speakers.
  • At least, one advanced speaker will be encouraged to attend
  • We could invite a special guest to provide a small speech and to enrich our speaking practices.
  • The meeting could be run as a debate, or opened discussions.

If you are interested to be a moderator and you are very good in English please sign up the form and we will contact you



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