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Dina Khalifeh – Our Passionate Photographer


Dina Khalifeh – Our Passionate Photographer


Dina Khalifeh – Empower Women & Mothers to lead’s passionate photographer, she is behind all the scenes capturing sessions, development, leading, feelings, emotions and even the goals and achievements with her small camera lens.

While we are giving sessions, transferring knowledge, receiving information. building women’s capacities, Dina would be behind the scene branding each and everyone of us , creating success, achievement, happiness and victory in a single photo.

Dina's Bio

Dina Holds a Bachelor Degree in Literature and Cultural studies. She has more than 8 years of experience in Human Resources in Private and Humanitarian sector both with international companies and INGO.

Her Passion for Photography started at a very early age, she started taking portraits for her family in different occasion at the age of 13. That is when she discovered that she is in love with capturing real feelings in each photo she takes.

Her photos are considered expressive photos, where you can sense the warmth of the feelings and the meaning of unspoken words.

Her motto is:                Life is Full of Beauty… Notice it


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