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Career Counseling Testimonial


Hala Yanes

I am Hala Yanes, have a master’s degree in investment and finance with a 15 years of experience in the banking sector. In the last bank I worked in, my career level was the same as that of a bank branch manager under the title “Card Development Supervisor – Assistant Manager” at the head office of that bank. During the last five years in my banking career, it was my
responsibility to design training programs in the field of e-cards and to train bank employees, including some customers.

I met Rania Kudsi, Career Adviser, Founder of Global HCI and Empower Women to Lead Program, I joined her program in the hope of finding a path for my passion of being a professional certified financial trainer through developing planning, personal branding and some other skills.

Through an inspiring professional counselling trip with Rania and quick learning capacity from my side, I was able to develop my skills rapidly such in personal branding and marketing myself as a certified trainer. Rania taught me how to write a professional CV, how to employ the suitable tools in my training sessions, encouraged me to get a formal accreditation as a financial trainer and prepare an action plan for my new career in training with tracking my goals until achieving them in studied and accurate manner. Also, I have to mention the creative ideas that inspired me with such as that idea led me to search in personal finances topic which have a great influence in the community.

Finally, I cannot find words that describe the splendor of Rania and her devotion, love and honesty in doing her best efforts to develop my skills and encourage me until I made my first successful steps in this new career.

Thank you Rania Kudsi and I recommend people who seek to achieve their career goals to communicate with her.



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